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FabUplus turns two!

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What is FabUplus Magazine?

"It is A-MAZING to find a magazine devoted to self-love, fitness, and health at every size!" - Briana

FabUplus Magazine started with me believing self-love at any size was possible. For me. For you. For ALL of us.  

I started FabUplus Magazine for YOU, my dear. For all the girls who didn't have plus-size role models growing up. For all of us who felt so different in our bigger bodies. For all of us who felt so alone.  


FabUplus Magazine is a place where we can be accepted and celebrated for who we are, just as we are. 

I'd love to share my body positive vision with you through FabUplus Magazine. I started FabUplus Magazine to showcase gorgeous curvy women rocking their lives and their bodies AND the latest fashions. Let me deliver some serious body lovin to your front door every season - it will rock your world and change your life.  


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What People Are Saying About FabUplus:

  •  "Then I saw FabUplus. I read it. I was floored. For the first time in my 49 years, I learned that I am perfect just the way I am." - Becky
  •  "It's a whole new experience knowing I can actually wear what's being advertised. This really is fabulous." - Kayla
  •  "I feel like this magazine understands me and my struggles." - Linda
  •  "So I bought the magazine, sat at home and read it cover to cover. And cried. And felt like I wasn't alone. And thought, 'Maybe I can love this body yet.'" - Molly
  •  "FINALLY a magazine that did not make me feel somehow inferior upon reading it." - Lisa
  •  "I'm in the United States Air Force and constantly struggle with body image, thank you thank you thank you from beyond for being an inspiration to me to embrace my curves!!!"" - Jessica